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Animal Welfare
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Affected by Layoffs
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Administrative Assistant
Justice King I am the founder and CEO of Justice Renee' a company that currently offers administrative assistance to businesses. I provide services that include email, phone, and calendar management, project management, internal communications, preparing contracts, and some human resources functions. A recently retired Captain from the Air National Guard as of September 2022 after serving 20 years, I have began to explore my more creative passions. I am currently a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I major in Performing Arts. My intention is to direct my focus on projects and causes that provide intrinsic meaning/purpose for myself as well as community in any forms possible. When I'm not engaged in administrative duties, I enjoy spending my time being immersed in everything that is art (i.e. performing/theatre, music, creative writing, painting/drawings/graphic design, etc.) and I'd love to get more involved in philanthropic work pertaining to animal welfare . Other interests include re-discovering sports/activities, vegan cooking, roller skating, traveling, and spending time with family, including my dog, Lieutenant.
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