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Virtual Operations
Marie is a nomad both virtually and in life. She attended the University of Utah where she earned her Bachelors in Film, Cinema, and Video Studies following her passion for theater and film. She eventually met an aspiring film producing duo and moved to New York, where she helped them put the project together. This led to working on numerous independent movies, most of which were unfortunately never seen by an audience. In the Post 9/11 shutdown of the New York indie film scene, she started doing temp and seasonal work as a costume character at Macy’s which led to a full time position in event operations. Marie was on the move again and relocated to Los Angles. Marie enjoyed her time as a volunteer manager for the American Film Institute’s AFI Fest. This led to a long career including management of volunteers, and event operations. In another pivot, she now works as a central operations Dispatcher at Amazon PrimeNow, where she administers logistics support globally for fulfillment. Marie loves sharing lessons from her own non-linear career path and would love to show others how to avoid mistakes she made in her own career. She’s also a creative problem solver who’s happy to be a sounding board and provide a critical eye, or potentially offer up common-sense solutions. She is also passionate about protecting the environment and loves to promote ways to be eco-friendly check out her Linked In newsletter ecolutions.
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