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Award-Winning Product Developer (Web, SaaS, BaaS)
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Award-Winning Product Developer (Web, SaaS, BaaS)
I am an industry award-winning Product Developer, certified PMP, and founder of Bnevol, LLC. I've applied key proficiencies to help organizations move through challenges, grow their business, and thrive throughout my career. These competencies include... • Build-as-a-Service (BaaS) Product Development: Web Development, SaaS, IaaS, etc. • Project Management (Certified PMP) • Product Management (Management of products post-development) • Scaling and Operations (organizational structuring, product/service financial modeling, resource and allocation planning, etc.) • Team Building (Recruiting, skills assessment development, vetting, hiring, SOP authoring, onboarding, training) • Leadership (cross-functional team development, mentorship) A.) Any of these proficiencies can be hired fractionally. B.) With our Business and Management Consulting services, organizations can also tap into our "Knowledge on Demand" for more immediate transfers of insights and temporary access to domain expertise. This intersection of competencies has been especially valuable to Startups, SMBs, or Enterprise organizations that cannot afford five executive-level hires or Contractors to tackle the demands growing organizations face. One of my proudest accomplishments is helping transform a small four-person engineering startup into a thriving Inc. 5000 marketing and business solutions agency, One Firefly, LLC, through strategic product development and cross-functional team building growing the organization 35% YoY. I've had the honor of mentoring many professionals along the way. However, my career is marked by what I've learned from others. With the help of talented and dedicated teams, I've developed award-winning products broadly heralded by the industry, built high-performing teams, and created new multi-million dollar revenue streams, all fueling growth to thriving organizations. Learn more about my career experience, the award-winning products I've developed, and the projects I have led here: https://bnevol.com/experience
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