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Marketing Director/CMO
My name is Robin Oloyede and I am a top-performing marketing professional with a proven track record of success in driving businesses into new marketplaces and implementing successful multi-platform marketing strategies. My strategy is always observe, adjust, report, and know when to pivot. With over ten years of experience in public relations, budget planning, advertising, social media, and data collection and analysis, I have become an expert in creating profitable campaigns and strategies. I am passionate about driving change through the use of innovative technologies and ideas. My extensive background includes creating brand lifting campaigns, integrating digital communications tactics, and refining processes to optimize business performance. As a strategic thinker and leader, I possess excellent interpersonal skills coupled with my ability to work with people from all backgrounds globally. I am constantly striving to be at the forefront of the ever changing digital landscape by staying up-to-date on emerging trends that can help businesses reach their potential. My expertise lies in developing high-impact marketing plans that are tailored to achieve key objectives such as increasing customer engagement or generating sales leads. With my unbeatable combination of technical knowledge and creative thinking, I can take any project from concept to actionable insights.
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