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Aba is a passionate and driven individual who was born and raised in Ghana and has called the United States home since 2006. From an early age, her family instilled in her the values of hard work, interdependence, resilience, empathy, and respect. Guided by these principles, coupled with her innate sense of self-worth, Aba is on a mission to disrupt the status quo and champion inclusive and equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups. With a Bachelor of Science in Government from Oral Roberts University and while pursuing a Master's degree in Strategic Public Relations, Policy, and Politics from George Washington University, Aba is equipped with a strong academic foundation. Her educational background fuels her passion for making a positive impact in the world. Over the course of her career, Aba has established herself as an aspiring venture capitalist and a seasoned leader. With a track record of over ten years, she has consistently led strategic partnerships, driven business development, and spearheaded operational excellence initiatives. Aba possesses the rare ability to align organizational goals with effective execution strategies, engaging stakeholders and providing exemplary team leadership. Aba’s exceptional negotiation skills have allowed her to cultivate valuable partnerships and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Leveraging her market knowledge and expertise in data analytics, she excels in developing actionable growth strategies that drive success. She thrives on mobilizing cross-functional teams, rallying them behind shared initiatives, and enhancing visibility among internal and external stakeholders. Recognized for her prowess in identifying and resolving operational challenges, Aba has been instrumental in driving profitability, productivity, and process efficiency. Her expertise spans across ecosystem building, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and startups. Aba's most recent role as the Program Manager and Investment Analyst at Techstars showcased her ability to create and execute impactful programs, specifically as she built and successfully launched the inaugural program for the Techstars Tulsa Accelerator. As a cross-functional professional who has worked across multiple sectors, Aba brings a diverse perspective and a wealth of experience to any endeavor. Her passion for venture capital, entrepreneurship, and startups is unwavering, and she is committed to fueling innovation and empowering emerging talents. Aba's relentless pursuit of inclusive opportunities for underrepresented groups drives her to make a lasting and meaningful difference in the world. With a compelling blend of academic excellence, strategic leadership, and a dedication to disrupting norms, Aba is poised to shape the future and champion equitable opportunities for all.
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