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Virtual Assistant
After relocating to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2023, I’m seeking a new role that would use my many & varied skills while allowing me to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. I’ve spent over 25 years working in offices of varying styles and performing a variety of duties. By working with temp agencies, I was exposed to a variety of business types, including education, arts production, debt collection, and finance. I also worked in a variety of departments, including Marketing, Data Entry, and Human Resources. For the last 15 years, I enjoyed moving through the ranks in the digital marketing space, most specifically with a charitable shopping affiliate site. Utilizing my exceptional attention to detail & knowledge of Office, Google, and Windows software, I helped to create systems that allow businesses to grow their audience, increase sales, and define & reach other KPIs. This role was 100% remote (even before the pandemic made remote-work the norm) and I’m familiar & experienced with Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, and other tools that support proper communication with team members who are not always in the same room. (Typing 70+ WPM has definitely come in handy in these situations!) I’m a reliable, responsible, self-starter who works great with teams. While my specific work history is not directly as a 'virtual assistant', my abilities, skills, and day-to-day roles within the various jobs I've held have all been representative of those described in a typical VA job posting.
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