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Customer Service
I recently was fellow for ClimbHire, teaching soft skills for the Fidelity Cohort. I completed their customer service program in Nov 2021. I have freelanced as a virtual companion to senior citizens through Papa Pal. I am an author, blogger, and social media manager. I completed a software development course through Entity Academy/Woz U and a customer service course with SER jobs. I have a bachelors degree in business management from University of Phoenix and a masters in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. The degree took me from the computer into the real world because we had to cover our own stories. We had to find people to interview; create interview questions; take photos; audio and video record the session; and compile everything together and upload on YouTube. Some people, I interviewed included Scott Arthur from Star of Hope, a homeless facility, and Lori Dunn, who runs a STEAM camp for girls. My other work experiences include six years of warehouse experience. I worked in assembly and production; material handling; and machine operation. I also have experience in concessions. I have 5+ years of administrative experience--answering phones, filing paperwork, and creating documentation such as flyers and programs. I have volunteered at the Atlanta Black Arts Fest (cleaning), H.J.C. Bowden Community Senior Center (filing paperwork, answering phones, teaching computer classes) and Boost Mobile Rock Corps ( cleaning). I also have volunteered at my church in the preschool department, reading the bible lesson to kids, as well as helping with snack distribution.
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