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New York
I am a Cuban-Colombian young professional living in NYC. In terms of professional experience, I worked in investment banking and private equity fundraising at Wells Fargo and KKR, respectively. My experience in investment banking and private equity has given me a solid technical foundation. During my time as an analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, I gained skills in accounting, corporate finance, data visualization and research. I worked with executives within the organization to advise clients on their capital structure, perform valuation analyses and present market information in a clear and concise manner. Through this work, I gained a deep understanding of the financial, operational and transactional considerations companies face. At KKR, I built upon that foundation as an analyst and later, as an associate, within the firm’s Client & Partner group. I was responsible for presenting KKR’s investment theses across the private equity, infrastructure, private credit and real estate products to a broad range of investors with the goal of supporting the firm’s fundraising efforts. In this role, I not only had to understand each fund offering on a technical level but also answer questions from clients about the underlying companies that were oftentimes strategic and operational in nature. Now, I work for a small real estate investment company my father, a Cuban immigrant who never had a chance to go to college, founded. Working with him has allowed me to leverage my institutional background to assist with operations while cultivating an entrepreneurial, growth-oriented mindset.  While I am very comfortable getting “in the weeds” on my own, I am fundamentally a big-picture thinker who would describe herself as someone imaginative and nimble. I am excited to take on the next challenge in my career.
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