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Social Justice & Inequity
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Affected by Layoffs
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Data Scientist
I’m a data scientist, conversation AI/Ml with an emphasis on gauging dialog between humans and machines towards the mitigation of long-term customer retention in the banking, finance, and insurance industry. The goal is often to reduce the call volume and demand for human customer service agents in call centers with Banking AI and industries beyond. Sometimes customer utterances may be rather trivial and can be handled by an automated agent. Many companies in the FinTech space (and beyond) are implementing these automated chatbot services but often time do not know how to enhance or maintain these models (intelligence stages) once they are in production. I specialize in developing human-centered knowledge repositories that are utilized towards automating and enhancing human conversational features with a chatbot model architecture and design. Want to join SilolaTango on this adventure? Reach out here for more information! At SilolaTango where we teach humans and machines how to work together harmoniously in a rhythmic tango emphasizing mutual strengths and mitigating cognitive biases and model training support; towards the extrapolation of actionable insights towards the enhanced performance of chatbot and conversation machine learning models.
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