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Social Media - Digital Marketing - Sales and Content Creator/Editor
Years of Experience
3 to 5
Hourly Rate
Fractional (hourly)
New York
Missions of Interest
Poverty & Homelessness
Affected by Layoffs
Affected by Layoffs
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Social Media - Digital Marketing - Sales and Content Creator/Editor
New York
Hello. My name is Fylicia (Fee) King. I am excited to be here. I am looking to be of service...support and represent a start up or someone like myself who is an entrepreneur or solo preneur in the area of: Coaching - Marketing- Social Media Strategizing and Sales. My background is that of an entrepreneur. I am professional, thoughtful, trustworthy and believe in bringing my best self to any project, company or campaign that I get to be apart of. I have excelled in the arenas of: Health and Wellness (Virtual Group and Hybrid training for non-profits - churches and for individuals. I love helping people get unstuck in their health - wellness and finances. I liken myself as an adult cheerleader. I bring the optimism - hope - positivity and possibility to everything that I do. As a former Lyft and Uber driver; while moving through my midlife crisis - I got to be a positive sounding board for passengers. I not only helped them get from where they were; whether it was the airport, work or a concert; but I got to help them in their personal, professional and physical fitness life well beyond the 5-25 minute ride. My accomplishments include: . Former Member Of Board Of Director for Artists United . Former VIP Public Relationships for Toastmaster's International Speaker Org.
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