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Bilingual Digital & Creative Project Manager
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Bilingual Digital & Creative Project Manager
My journey as Project Manager is related to experiences with arts, culture, content marketing, and digital platforms' content and design. During my time as Arts (projects) Manager at the British Council, where I was in charge of the cultural relations between the UK and Venezuela, I had to make the most of my strategic thinking, and attention to detail. Back then, my main responsibilities were: 1) design the strategy that would focus on both the organization’s goals and my country’s cultural, social and political moment; 2) plan projects to fulfill the strategy accordingly; 3) manage commissions, marketing team, contractors, partnerships, vendors, budget and agreements; and 4) work hand in hand with a talented and varied team in different countries to succeed in delivering results, 5) create the audiovisual products that would support the visibility of the work we had been carrying out. My clients tend to say that I help them organize their ideas and move forward in the development of their projects. Since 2018, my approach to project management has been more digital, focused on the online visibility of creatives, including visual artists, interior designers, and audiovisual producers. My favorite type of digital creative projects involve business coaching, website content strategy, website design, SEO consulting, email marketing, visual arts, publishing, audiovisual production. My work initially became more virtual because of my search for remote opportunities outside Venezuela, and ultimately because of pandemic restrictions, leading to my final decision to leave my home country in 2020. I am now settled in the United States, alternating between New York and California. I'm bilingual in English and Spanish, and can communicate fluently in German as well. I lived in Berlin, Germany, for almost four years, where I obtained a European Master in Intercultural Education (focus on Racism and Discrimination). One thing I've learned about myself as the years pass is that, in moments of crisis—both professional and personal, I don't panic. I solve.
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