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Marcus Knight is a Go-To-Market Strategist with over 15 years of experience in the SaaS industry. He's built revenue teams from the ground up that have generated exponential revenue success. As an expert in finding gaps in structure and processes, and then implementing effective strategy aligned to a company's desired outcomes, Marcus is adept at uncovering new revenue streams. He continuously researches markets, listens to customers, and tests his team's hypotheses against the current state of the relative market to produce transformative results for his clients. Deeply passionate about equity within the workplace, Marcus thrives on working with clients that are forward thinking, especially in utilizing underestimated talent to produce results. When it comes to designing a Go-To-Market strategy and uncovering underutilized talent, he is a true, hands-on partner in the process; a present thought leader who's there every step of the way to ensure that people can easily understand and execute on the strategy put forth. Marcus' mission is to help founders lead with empathy and equity from the start, while generating a scalable revenue process.
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