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New York
Cieja S. of the House Springer, the First of her name, The Unfazed, The Queen of Sheba, Queen of Shoes, Keeper of the first fly men, Lady Regnant of Harlem, Reader for the gawds and slayer for the unslayed. I'm just a girl from Harlem, NY with a huge imagination and big dreams. I'm a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Howard University and a multifaceted being. I bring my entire self - and selves, to whatever I do. I love to create, have personal time, read, badger Game of Thrones characters I despise, shop for shoes and upend the systems to aim to keep Black voices silent. I love the thesaurus - I think its one of the best tools on the planet, and I revel in my daily wordsmith emails. I believe "sit down be humble" is the key to life. I love to laugh and crack jokes daily. As a young lady, I had visions of becoming a writer or an Art Curator; but after being convinced by my Father that I would forever be a struggling artist - he was not "going to be here forever to supplement my lifestyle," I changed my major from print to advertising - because #$$$ and independence right?! I love my dogs, fashion, getting crazy designs on my nails, my family, pretending to be a world famous photographer, food, the library, traveling, and a host of other things. My mottos: Failing is better than not trying. Concentrate. On. Confidence. Know. Yourself.
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