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"Writer" is the one word that describes the way that I can contribute to a project, team, or company. I'm the quintessential "writer-for-hire", having worked in journalism, marketing, city government, technical writing, and even teaching writing in both high school and college classrooms. My predominant work is in journalism, appearing in publications all over the US and in parts of the world. You can find more on my Muck Rack portfolio . I've also published four books (3 commissioned nonfiction works and one fiction novel released in 2022). You can find that information on my LinkTree: What brings me to this platform is a dream job with Amazon Audible, writing an episode of the podcast The League (I wrote The Black Six episode linked on my LinkTree). Just as I began the research for an episode of a second podcast, there were budget issues. I was laid off the project indefinitely. About a month after that, I received a gig writing travel articles through an entertainment lens for the Black travel magazine DetourXP in partnership with McClatchy News. That lasted a few good months before budget issues and other changes drove me out of a position. I would love to join a project, a team, or a whole company because my family needs the steady work right now. However, the freelance hustle has always been my livelihood. I am ready to lean into now as a runner--writer for hire. I'm also a proud neurodivergent writer.
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