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Program Manager
In short, I’m a catalyst. Everyone from companies to friends ask me for advice. I obsessively research all things technology (especially wearables, IoT, mobile, and gaming) to stay on the forefront of new developments. Being part of countless alphas and betas (including everything from Google Glass to the game Destiny) allows me to see trends before others might. I often field questions about technology, from what ___ to buy now, to how do I fix ___? Trust me, it’s a blast! I’m a change agent. People hire me to dismantle/rework/explode existing processes and make new ones. UX/UI is a new passion of mine as I always work from a end user’s perspective. My passion for marketing and driving innovation within the enterprise lets me connect the dots in new ways.  My goal: I want to help others achieve their goals and dreams by connecting the dots in ways that haven't been done before.
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