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Sr. partnerships Manager
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Social Justice & Inequity
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Affected by Layoffs
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Sr. partnerships Manager
As a kid, I always knew I was different. I am biracial, have a unique name, brown skin, and big, curly hair. I was never quite white or black enough to fit in seamlessly where I grew up, but I made friends with everyone through self-awareness, empathy, and curiosity. In essence, the inconvenience of being “other” became my superpower. In retrospect, it makes sense that I pursued a career in partnerships because I always excelled at creating deep bonds and relationships with those around me. I enjoy making others feel happy and valued by taking the time to truly see and hear them. As a Partner Manager at Twitter, I built trusted relationships with some of the most influential organizations in the world by understanding and supporting goals, needs, and concerns. I genuinely believe in the value of the partner ecosystem and am passionate about helping partners achieve their mission. I am a proactive, big-picture problem-solver who is prepared to face challenges and adapt as needed. My work requires creativity and collaboration to generate new ideas that support partners’ messages and objectives. I’m naturally curious to gain new perspectives and knowledge with skill in connecting the dots. Anything less than excellence is unacceptable, a mindset that continues to push me to work harder while empowering those around me to also give their best effort. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: ◆ Strategic Partnerships / Alliances ◆ Partner Relationship Management  ◆ Business Development  ◆ Digital Marketing ◆ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  ◆ Omni-Channel / Integrated Marketing Strategy  ◆ Strategic Business Planning  ◆ Social Media Marketing  ◆ Lead Generation  ◆ Endorsements & Sponsorships  ◆ Contract Negotiation  ◆ Deal Flow Management  ◆ Campaign / Activation Execution
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